Check the BTC for most up to date closures. As of this date, these are the most recent updates we have.

Trail Changes and Notices

Map 24 – Blue Mountains – bridge repairs

May 12, 2022


Map 24 bridgerepairadvisory

Map 24, Edition 30

Blue Mountain Resort is undertaking repairs over the next few weeks on some footbridges within the area denoted on the map above.

Hikers are therefore advised to follow Swiss Meadows Blvd as an alternate route to complete this stretch.

Note: This alternative route on Swiss Meadows Blvd will not be blazed.


Map 22 – Blue Mountains – Reroute – Duntroon

May 3, 2022

Map 22, Edition 30
May. 2 2022

Opening Date: Monday May 2nd

The main Bruce Trail has been routed off Conc 10 South Nottawasaga through a recently acquired BTC Nature Reserve. The new trail configuration is illustrated within the map above.

New Bruce Trail = 5.3 km

Walker Aggregates Side Trail = 700 m

Franks Lime Kiln Side Trail = 190 m

April Hiking

April 3, 2022

We are excited for Spring hiking with our friends! The April hike schedule is up- sign up online or in-person the morning of. We hike every Wednesday and Saturday, lots of great hikes to choose from. We look forward to seeing you there!

BMBTC Pauses our Hybrid Model for Group Hikes

Jan 5, 2022

BMBTC has decided to go to pause our hybrid model for our organized hike programme. What does this mean? Hikers must register online to join scheduled hikes, we will no longer accept last minute additions at the meeting point.

You must be a BTC member and you will need your membership number to sign-in! Remember to show up fifteen minutes early. Our hope is that we will be able to accommodate various hikers and have a full group (8 members + hike leader + sweep) for our hike leaders!

If you need us to print off copies of waiver for hike as you may not have a printer, let us know.

See you on the trails!!

BMBTC Hike Coordinator Team

Black Ash Creek Side Trail

Jan. 4. 2022

Map 23, Edition 30

A new side trail has been blazed in the Petun Conservation Area as illustrated on the map above.

This side trail commences at a newly created parking area maintained by Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority providing access to the main Bruce Trail.

Daily parking fees apply. 20 car capacity. This lot will be plowed in winter. 

Black Ash Creek Side Trail = 340 m