Badges and Hike Logs

Blue Mountains Club Section End-2-End Badge

Choose to hike with other end-to-enders by participating in our organized Blue Mountains section End-2-End, usually a two day weekend in mid to late May every year. Otherwise complete the 67.3km of trails from Swiss Meadows to Lavender( or Lavender to Swiss Meadows) on your own schedule. Keep a hiking log and by the end of your journey, submit these so we may officially recognize you as a Blue Mountains Club End-to-Ender and present you with your badge!

Blue Mountains End to End Badge

Blues of Blue Side Trail Challenge Badge

Blues of Blue Side Trail Challenge Badge

We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of our over 30 km of Blue-Blazed Side Trails in the Blue Mountains Section, meshed together in manageable loops with portions of the Main trail.

In order to be eligible to receive the badge, you will need to complete the hiking log provided here. This log is specific to all the Blue trails required for completion in our section.


Rim-2-Rim-2-Rim Badge

Complete all three rims using The Bruce Trail Reference Maps and Trail Guide (Edition 30).

Rim #1 Pretty River Rim 19.5km. Map: 23 Edition: 30

Park at 2nd Line and 6th Sdrd, Gibraltar, the Blue Mountains Section. Take the John Haigh ST to km 50.6 where you will pick up the white blazed trail. Follow the white blazed trail to km 46.8. Crossing the Pretty River Rd, enter the forest and follow the river to km 46.1. Continue following the white blazed trail up the Blue Mountains-Clearview Townline to 30/31 Sideroad Nottawasaga (km 44.5). Enter the Escarpment and start your steady climb up. Be careful as this can be a slippery climb when wet. Continue on the white blazed trail until you reach the Standing Rock & Caves ST.

Two Options:

Option #1: Leave the white blazed trail at km 43.4 and take Standing Rock and Caves ST. Move carefully over the jumbled rock debris. Make your way up to Standing Rock and then continue up to km 42.9. Head south following the white blazed trail, looping around to where km 41.3 intersects with the Singhampton ST. Take the Singhampton ST to km 43.2 where it connects back up to the white blazed trail. Continue to the right (northwest) on the white blazed trail. Follow the white blazed trail all the way back to km 48.1 at the Pretty River ST. Take the Pretty River Side Trail up to white blazed trail at km 50.0. Continue hiking north to km 50.6 and take the John Haigh ST back to the parking area.


Option #2: Continue on the white blazed trail (rather than taking the Standing Rock & Caves ST) until you loop around to km 41.3. Take the  Singhampton ST to km 43.2 where it reconnects to the white blazed trail. Follow the white blazed trail all the way back to km 48.1 at the Pretty River ST. Take the Pretty River Side Trail up to white blazed trail at km 50.0. Continue hiking north to km 50.6 and take the John Haigh ST back to the parking area.

Rim #2 Mad River Rim 12km. Map: 22 Edition: 30

Park at Devil’s Glen Provincial Park parking lot located off County Rd 124. (Do not go to Devil’s Glen Ski Club parking). Take the white blazed trail down the steep, wooden stairs and work your way down to the Devil’s Glen Country Club bridge. You will then work your way all the way to the top of the ski hill at km 27.8. Continue on to where the white blazed trail km 26.0 (15/16 Sdrd  Nottawasaga unimproved road) intersects with the Ganaraska Trail. On your immediate left you will see a large boulder, this is your halfway mark. Follow the Ganaraska Trail to Conc. 8 where you will turn north to connect to the Mad River ST entrance (Glen Huron). Walk on the blue blazed trail until it rejoins the white blazed trail on the right at km 30.6, just after the bridge. Continue on the white blazed trail across the Country Club parking area, turning left into the woods. Take the final uphill climb on the white blazed trail back up to the Devil’s Glen PP parking lot.

Once at the top of the stairs, exit to the right to head to the Devil’s Glen Viewing/Lookout platform, just a short distance and worthy of the extra effort for the magnificent view.

Rim #3 Noisy River Rim 9km. Map: 21 Edition: 30

Park at km 6.1 at Noisy River Provincial Park  located on County Road 9 approximately 2 ½ kms east of County Road 124. Follow the white blazed trail as it takes you down into the Noisy River  Valley and then make a climb up. As the trail bends around the edge of the pond, have a rest at the bench. Then turn around and retrace your steps. Returning to the start will complete 3 km. This loop needs to be completed two more times for a total 9 km. No flat sections on this R2R! Be prepared. It may be the shortest section, yet has its own challenges! 

When you have completed all three of the Rim 2 Rim hikes, submit your hike log.

Moonlight Snowshoe Hike Badge

Moonlight Snowshoe Hike Badge

Join us on any one of our Moonlight hikes in order to get this badge. Moonlight
hikes are listed in the Blue Mountain BTC Blueprint Newsletter. Bring $10 the
night of the hike and receive your badge after we are done.

Have you met the requirements for one of our badges and are ready to submit for it?

We accept two submission methods:

1) mail in 
2) electronic webform

Expect both methods to have a 14 day turnaround once we receive your submission. Ensure ALL information is up to date in case we need to contact you in regards to your submission.

*Please note: The hiking log can be a list of the dates of your hikes and where you started/ ended each day. Or you may want to use the Hike Ontario template hiking log. 

DO NOT include photos or maps.

For the mail in method please provide:

  • Your full name (or the name of the hiker you are requesting the badge for)
  • The name of the specific badge you are requesting
  • Up to date email and/or phone number (incase we need to contact you)
  • BTC member number (if a member)
  • Complete mailing address, including civic address if applicable
  • Hiking log (no photos or maps)
  • $10 cheque for members, $15 cheque for non members (per badge)
  • Self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage

Mail this to: 

Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club 
P.O. Box 91 
Collingwood, Ontario
L9Y 3Z4

Ready to request your badge?

Please fill out the form below and then eTransfer

        a) $11 ($10 (members) per badge + $1 for postage)

        b) $16 ($15 ( non members) per badge + $1 for postage)


*If ordering multiple badges to the same address, postage remains $1 total and can include up to 4 badges.

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Personal Name Tags

We have created a Blue Mountains Bruce Trail name tag for our Club members. We are asking for a minimum donation of $20. The tag will be green with white engraving and will have a strong magnetic fastener.

If interested in ordering a tag, please contact the BMBTC Hike Coordinator for details. In your email, include your name as you would like it to appear on the tag as well as a mailing address if required. We will then provide E-transfer information for your payment.

BMBTC Name Tag